Mashua, Medley


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Mashua is literally a tuberous Nasturtium, with flowers and leaves that appear similar. Unlike the more common garden invader however, Mashua plants form edible tubers that taste like a cross between nasturtium leaves, ginseng, and a dash of honey especially when grilled or roasted. It can also be pickled, or grated fresh like wasabi for a peppery condiment. These magnificent ancient Peruvian vegetables come in many colors and shapes and like Oca, the colors lend themselves to slightly different tasting notes such as Sapu Anu (golden, stubby) and Puca Anu (gnarled, burgundy teardrop pattern on surface) with their sweeter, less pungent finish, and Pilifera (long, striped, carrot-shaped) that are better fits for grating fresh because of its stronger pungency.