Tetra Squash


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Tetra Squash looks indistinguishable from the mundane, bland, cheaper Delicata Squash that's ubiquitous on farmers market stands and Trader Joe's bins, but the similarities are in fact only skin deep. Bred by the masterful @mazlabseed Dr. Michael Mazourek, this @row7seeds squash now enters its 2nd year in our product line after having had a limited number for testing last year.

Its addictively complex flesh tastes like caramelized sweet potato, and even gives off hints of buttery poundcake. Its thin skin is not only edible but has a satisfying snap, and that tender, dense flesh is never stringy and creamy enough for soup.

Acorn and Kabocha Squash can't hold a candle to its insanely fragrant fumes of warm sugar and butter, even without either added!



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