Shipping, Orders, Credit Policy

New Courier Service for CA Deliveries!


• Valid for Orders Shipping out on Mondays

• Orders Must Be Received by Sunday 3:00 PM cutoff

• Select the "Courier Delivery" option at Checkout

We offer free and flat shipping rates for all new CA-based accounts. Please reach out to our staff for more details!


Order Minimums

All orders except ADD-ON orders are subject to a "soft" minimum of $200.00 per order.

  1. Currently, we generally accept orders under this minimum (subject to availability) and allow for up to 2 months following the first order for any account to build up to the minimum order volume.
  2. Add-ons to an existing/previous order are not subject to minimums and also will not be charged for additional shipping, unless the volume warrants extra boxes to ship out.
  3. Please note that we reserve the right to cancel orders that do not meet the minimum threshold at our discretion. 

Order Cutoff  |  Lead & Delivery Times

You will receive an order confirmation after placing an order, and a separate email with tracking information once we begin to process your order. You may assign who receives various emails such as billing, tracking, or confirmation in your account settings under "Manage Users."

Orders placed by 3:00PM PST will be shipped the next business day, provided that the closest delivery date is eligible. Our carriers do not pick up on weekends or deliver on weekends, so deliveries are made Tuesdays through Fridays. For example:

If you place your order on Sunday at 2:00 PM PST, we will pick, pack, and ship your order on Monday for delivery on Tuesday.*

If you place your order on Sunday at 4:00 PM PST, we will pick, pack, and ship your order on Tuesday for delivery on Wednesday.*

If you place your order on Tuesday at 1:00 PM PST, we will pick, pack, and ship your order on Wednesday for delivery on Thursday.*

If you place your order on Wednesday, 3:01PM PST through Sunday, 3:00PM PST, we will pick, pack, and ship your order on the following Monday for delivery on Tuesday, because carriers will not deliver on Saturday (and therefore we cannot ship on Friday).*

(* assuming Overnight shipping is selected)

Our carriers do not pick or deliver on major holidays, so please contact us before the following holidays to make prior arrangements! Should a standing order's delivery date fall on a holiday, we will automatically adjust to be delivered as close as possible either before or after to that date, so we politely ask that you contact us with specific instructions.

Major holidays include:

Memorial Day
Independence Day*
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day*
Christmas Day*
New Year's Day*

* Carriers have a modified schedule the day before major holidays (if that day falls on a weekday) which generally means pickup occurs earlier in the day so we are limited on same-day changes that can be made to your order during these periods.

If you have made arrangements for us to deliver by truck or are picking up your order, please contact us to coordinate.

Quality Issues  |  Credit  |  Replacements

Our priority is to make sure your kitchen is equipped for service. Should your order arrive in sub-standard condition, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by email or by logging into your account to send us a message. While 99% of our deliveries arrive on time in excellent condition, we always strive to make that 1% right and appreciate your giving us the opportunity to do so. We will work with you on crediting or sending out replacements in order to minimize downtime in the kitchen.



Invoicing | Billing

  • We send all invoices and statements via email using Quickbooks.
  • All billing emails are sent to your account's email by default. If you wish to have your billing sent to a different email address please let us know.
  • All Invoices are under Net30 terms.
  • Please note that your invoice is always sent on the same day as your order is delivered and statements are sent every 15th and 30th/31st of the month.