Sustainability & Recycling


We care about the food we serve our family and the food you serve yours—that’s why we do what we do.
But our mission to be sustainable, innovative, and of service doesn’t stop at what we grow on the farm. We believe our choices as a company must also reflect this mission, so we’ve teamed up with Good Natured to help us reach our sustainability goals.
Nearly all of our clamshells and bags are plant-based and certified-compostable. We seek out packaging that keeps our veggies, greens, flowers, and herbs fresh and protected as they make their way to you while also keeping us on track toward our sustainability goal of having 100% eco-friendly packaging.

So, how can you keep this mission alive through responsible recycling?
While plant-based plastics are a great alternative to traditional, petroleum-based plastic, it’s important to find the right way to keep these bioplastics out of landfills. Recycling guidelines differ by state and city, so check your area’s recycling policies. If you live in a region with Industrial Compost Facilities that accept compostable plastics, you’re all set. Otherwise, follow your area’s recycling guidelines to responsibly recycle your clamshells (making sure they’re empty and clean!).


As for the rest of our packing materials, see our guide below to learn how to re-use and recycle responsibly!