When Reality Defies Hyped Dream

Posted by Aaron Choi on Jan 9th 2024

When Reality Defies Hyped Dream

Human memory can be a devious thing. The way we remember something looked, tasted, sounded, or smelled is often not the way it actually is. It's often and especially true with childhood memories and revisiting them as adults, so how awesome is it when something lives up to the unattainable goal of personal hype?

GunGoGu ("goon-go-gu") sweet potatoes are named after my own childhood memories of walking down cold street markets during Korean winters with my grandma, where old men would roast sweet potatoes in charcoal filled drum cans. Their sweetness and especially their perfectly caramelized, honey-like sweet-tangy charred "inner" skin is as magical now as I remember it from age 5, something no other sweet potato I've had since then has matched. I had come to think as I got older that I must've romanticized how good it was--I love it when I'm wrong about these kinds of things.

GunGoGu™️ (standard size)

Dense, creamy, and moist but not stringy like yams, with a unique burnished golden color when cooked.

GunGoGu™️ Mini (2-3" size)

The miniaturized 2-bite near-golf ball size version isn't just about cute looks!