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Native to Peru and spanning a seemingly limitless array of colors, oca ("oh-ka") tastes like a baked potato with a dollop of sour cream, sprinkled with MSG. Depending on the color you may get a hint of apple peel (lighter colors) or sweet potato (darker colors). We've spent over 4 years of trial and error as well as heartbreaking crop failures due to heat and other elements to finally be able to share something quite special. No one can be told what oca is, you have to taste and see it for yourself.

Ivory oca and similar colored oca have a less dense and lighter texture than golden varieties like our Embers collection. These cook faster and are known for their sour cream + MSG profile compared to other oca. 

Quick tip for use:

One of the best ways to experience pure oca is to lightly oil, salt, and roast at 400F for about 40-50 minutes (50-60 minutes for the denser varieties), or until fork tender and skin is brown. For crispy edges and buttery smooth middle, space the oca ~1/2 inch apart).

Otherwise, treat oca as you would potatoes or even jicama. Oca + potato mash, Oca fries, Oca soup, pickled oca, deep fried battered oca, roast or grill oca for a unique warm winter salad, or shaved thin and raw to top other veggies or greens.

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