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Crunchy, snappy, unexpectedly sweet "squashy" complexity that other summer squash and zucchinis can't match.  Squashini®is a native Korean summer squash grown INSIDE the bag you receive it in. It's not just packaging! It's our patented bag that compresses a football sized squash into the palm of your hand. Literally. The incubating and compression technique concentrates the flavor and nutrition into a squash that's far more flavorful than zucchini, and its denser texture lends well for stewing, grilling, or eating fresh.

Quick tip for use:

Slice or julienne raw for salads. Slice thin into circles and quickly pan fry in olive oil, or dip in an egg batter and fry. Cube and sautee or roast with your favorite veggies. Cut and toss into your favorite soup or stew, and the texture will hold instead of dissolving. Slice into long, thin slices and grill them. These have even been sliced pickled to great effect! 


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