Sweet Potato, GunGoGu™ Mini


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G&D NEXT: Sweet Potato, GunGoGu™ Mini

The miniaturized two-biter version of our sweet potato isn't just about cute looks--far from it. Its significantly greater skin to flesh ratio magnifies the creme brulee and burnt sugar notes inherent to an expertly roasted sweet potato's "inner layer" of skin, just beneath the outer/hardened layer.

Its deep sweetness is reminiscent of sweet potatoes slow roasting in charcoal drum cans during cold Korean winters, but don't let the traditional season's use deter you: this is a versatile sweet potato fit for appetizers to mains to sweets, for winters to summers alike.  Dense, creamy, and moist but not stringy like yams, with a unique burnished golden color when cooked. 

Approximately 3-4" long on average.

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