Yuzu, Green

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The king of citruses emits a bright, citrusy aroma reminiscent of tangerine, lemon, with hints of bergamot, mandarin, and citron. It's befitting of its likely hybridization of a number of these familiar citruses long ago. Yuzu's pulp doesn't contain much juice and is typically full of large seeds but that's a small downside given that most of its exotic scent lives in the zest and peel. The former is indispensable to yuzu kosho while the latter is commonly preserved for making tea.

Green yuzu's scent is brighter and slightly more pungent than its fully ripe yellow brethren, and available in the late Summer to early Fall. Yellow yuzu gives off hints of bergamot into late Fall to early Winter in our mild San Diego climate.

Average size, slightly larger than a golf ball. Approx 5-7 pcs per LB.