KinderNut Squash

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If you were to concentrate ten regular butternut squash into a one sort of Hercules-squash, it would still lack the complexity of the adorably hand-sized Kindernut Squash. Make no mistake, its tiny stature belies its monster chestnut flavor and rich, creamy texture akin to that of sweet potato. You may never go back to grandma's butternut squash soups (no disrespect, grandma).

Available as LittleNut Squash, perfect for roasting whole as an individual serving and as KinderNut Squash, larger size for general use. 

Sizing Notes

"KinderNut" Squash is ~5-6" tall, ~400-500g each. Serves 2-3 (roasted whole).

"LittleNut" Squash is ~3.5-4" tall, ~300g each. Serves 1-2 (roasted whole).

"Mixed" Squash contains mix of all sizes and is recommended for bulk processing applications.

Our Recommendation to taste test Kindernut's essential flavor:

1. Slice lengthwise, scoop out all the seeds.
2. Lightly oil and salt. Neutral oils like canola, grape seed, or peanut will help Tetra's flavor shine.
3. Place the squash halves skin side down and roast for 35-45 minutes at 425 F, or until edges are slightly charred and the flesh is a deep golden brown. You should be able to spoon the flesh out smoothly all the way through the bottom of the squash.


Variety: Row-7 Seeds 898 "Honeypatch" Squash

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